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The history of the Modern and of modernity is obviously too long for me to make any attempt here to cover all its episodes. First of all, it has to be said that, for historians today, Modern describes both the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age, until its sudden collapse a little over years ago. It corresponded to the simultaneous discovery of Greek history, on the one hand, and of prestigious civilisations hitherto ignored in the West, such as China, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Mexico and Peru. It was around that time that the myth of the noble savage began to exercise the finest minds of the time. Since that time we have invented the Nation and the Universal, in other words the simultaneous presence and absence of frontiers. Then we created their baleful avatars, colonialism and Orientalism. In the visual arts, the Modern was brought radically up to date in the s and s by American art historian and critic Clement Greenberg. The argument spread to Europe and lasted thirty years. The Modern seemed to vanish at the very moment when biennials, particularly those in emerging countries, began to develop at the speed of light all over the world there were more than at the last count.

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