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Cougar Hunting Tips

Learn how to Hunt Cougars

Before you hunt a cougar, you most understand the cougar and its ways. The Cougar is a common term for a forty-something woman who’s single, financially secure, and always on the lookout for relationships with younger men. The term is common pop-culture parlance, especially in bar talk. Unlike the cougars of the wild, this species ignores all older, softer, and more veteran prey; it seeks only the young, strong and athletic.

Cougar Hunting Tips:

  • Open a conversation effortlessly and naturally.
  • Say the right things in order to elicit a positive and insightful response instead of just a yes or a no.
  • Seduce her using even the most lame pick-up lines. Learn why they work and why they don’t, and better yet, how to make them work for you.
  • Seduce her by stimulating her senses and desires, and turn a casual conversation into hours of heated and intense passion.
  • Use your body language to make her attracted to you.
  • Pass her test that will determine whether you are lover material, just friends material, or just a casual sex partner. And even if you are just friends with a girl that you like, learn how to become lovers.
  • Make her pursue you instead of the other way around. Let her do most of the work while you reap the benefits.
  • Create an emotional connection that will make her feel passionate, sensual, and very sexual about you.
  • Distort her sense of time and make her feel as though she’s known and loved you for a long time. This can make having sex with you normal and natural even though she’s only met you.
  • Spark her sexual desires and link them to you.
  • “Allow” her to shed her inhibitions about sex and explore her sexual fantasies with you.
  • Get her to openly talk about sex, sexual desires and preferences, and make it seem like a natural progression of any conversation.
  • Go from talking about sex to actually doing it, and make it seem like it’s her idea.
  • Turn boring sex into a wild and erotic adventure most guys only dream about by simply saying the right things at the right time…..and much more.
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