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Cougar Club (2007)

Get ready for the wild and outrageous unrated comedy Cougar Club. Two young guys turn their passion for older women into a business where horny guys can pair up with the older hot women of their dreams. Join the club where seductive cougars with plenty of experience do the… um ah… teaching.

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It’s high school graduation day for Spencer (Jason Jurman) and Hogan (Warren Kole) and the movie’s storyline is focused on these two grads forming an exclusive club for hot and sexy cougars with young, energetic and horny boys.

The newly formed Cougar Club caters to the wants and needs of the older, editing services mature and sexy women in the film including Paige (Izabella Scorupco), Edith (Faye Dunaway) and Gladys (Carrie Fisher). These women are definitely hot and sexy cougars and anyone from wouldn’t skip a beat if we were to cross their paths. Rawr!

The movie plot is quite simple. Two horny high school grads working in a sleazy law firm with just as sleazy lawyers and their hot wives or soon to be hot ex-wives. Let’s restate that – hot, cougar ex-wives and all they really want is young cock! That’s where Spencer and Hogan come in. Cougar Club’s first pool-side party accurately depicts cougar hunting methodology – forget about talking, let’s just fuck mentality.

Cougars by their pop culture definition are all about sex, the more sex, the better. Unfortunately, professional writers that was lost on filmmakers as there were more tit shots in the opening menus than in the entire movie. Mildly disappointing from the DVD cover art. We counted three and I recall that one of the tit shots wasn’t even from a cougar. Again, mildly disappointing. would like to highlight Hogan’s character. From the opening scene and all throughout the movie, his only goal and passion is to bed every single cougar he came across and that included Edith, Gladys and Spencer’s mom (Molly Cheek). For that, gives Hogan the honourable title, “Certified Cougar Hunter”. Hogan’s high school buddy, Spencer is still a “Cougar Hunter In Training.”

As for the rest of the movie, well, it’s full of childish potty humor. The dirty grunt jobs and “shit turd” nicknames given to Spencer and Hogan by the sleazy attorneys remind me of former T&A movies like Porky’s. Spencer’s father (Robin Thomas) has this incessant bowel problem that gets played up all throughout the movie and is more annoying than funny. Again, more farting than tit shots, there’s something definitely wrong with the film.

Cougar Club is funny at times and I suppose funny enough to be called a comedy. Our original rating was a generous two out of five cougar paws. Given the topless menus, Faye Dunaway, Carrie Fisher and Izabella Scorpuco, we’re upgrading our rating to three out of five cougar paws!

DVD Features

  • Topless menus
  • Cougar blooper reels
  • Foxy cougar outtakes
  • Deleted scenes & more!
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